Top 8 files uploading websites as per alexa ranking

With the advent of  website, files uploading began and since then the legacy follows in slightly different ways till today.

Majority of files uploading websites now has only meant for sharing movies, songs and other files which were not the original idea when rapidshare hit the internet way back in 2002.

Earlier it held its supremacy based on ranking, number of files it hosts, percentage of file uploaders coming to a particular site, total files size. But since the movies and other medias hit the internet, their are lot more players in the game now offering lots of offers and even money.

So here is the top 10 list as of now(28th August 11) based on alexa ranking.

1) – Alexa Rank -61, One of the oldest file uploading sites (but not as ald as rapidshare)  that offer unlimited downloads, unlimited uploads, unlimited storage, download resuming, zero wait times, and more, all for free. Its resume facility is one of the best features that has kept it still at top since it started in August 2006.

2) Alexa Rank -63, Same in the genre like Mediafire which provides lots of features and on premium purchase provide accounts with other four services like megavideo, megalive, megapix and megabox. Supports resume for file download even in free version  like mediafire.

3) – Alexa Rank -72, Again founded as back as 2005, this website still holds a charm for its users by providing new facilities and features like 2gb file limit, streaming video, support with Android, Symbian, Blackberry and many more.

4) Alexa Rank -132 – This is among on of the few sites that pays you to upload upto 25$ per 1000 downloads of that file. And this is the main reason for success of fileserve till date despite huge competition with many emerging lucrative sites.

5) - Alexa Rank -160 – Oldest among these and launch date backs to 2002, one of the few websites that ever made it to top 20 but due to some really new ideas or marketing of other competitors, its rank deteriorated years after years.

6) - Alexa Rank -161 – This is rising only because of its lifetime Premium package that is offered to the downloaders. Launched near August 2010. Pays as high as 35$ per 1000 downloads.

7) - Alexa Rank -184 – One of the uploading sites whose creation date is oldest among these and its 1997, but came into existence in August 2009. It came with a idea of giving 5% commission of all premium accounts sold through users  site. Started with a bang but saw a downfall due to rise of fileserve and filesonic.

8) - Alexa Rank -280 – This is the latest rising uploading website and soon to be expected under 200 alexa rank due to its increasing links and thus popularity.  Paying as high has 40$ per 1000 downloads and 110% of all premium sales.


Some of the other similar websites whose name are not listed are duckload,, ziddu, depositfiles, easy-share and few others.

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