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Since the beginning of this month, plethora of deals, offers and discounts were given by many online eCOmmerce websites. And online Festivals like GOSF( Great Online shopping Festival) organized by Google, App festival by Flipkart were the perfect platform that provided the best opportunities to save more bucks than normal. [continue reading…]

Being the third most visited website in the world, YouTube has got too much potential for making some big money, learning, entertainment and many other thing. But today, I am going to tell you how marketing is done in YouTube and spread your product wings to almost every corner of the world. [continue reading…]

Finally after the long wait Google India has declared the results of Google Maps India Mapathon contest for 2013.

India Mapathon 2013 contests started on February 2013 and ended on March 25th where millions of updates were made to Google Maps for India by Indian People. [continue reading…]

Welcome Back to redesigned Now Take That

After almost two years, when I launched this blog where I wanted to write about some Tech related stuffs and more, I am back again giving this website a new redesign. [continue reading…]

YouTube finally launched its partner program for India also. Considering India as a huge potential in terms of content generation, they finally made it available for India also. [continue reading…]

Though their are tonnes of sites you could have come across that provides full length hindi movies for free which you can watch online without paying a buck. Go for more…

With the advent of  website rapidshare.com, files uploading began and since then the legacy follows in slightly different ways till today.

Majority of files uploading websites now has only meant for sharing movies, songs and other files which were not the original idea when rapidshare hit the internet way back in 2002. Click to continue