Youtube Partner for India announced – Start earning your revenue

YouTube finally launched its partner program for India also. Considering India as a huge potential in terms of content generation, they finally made it available for India also.

Partner is a Program through which YouTube shares its revenue of the advertisements that appears on the content creator videos.

This YouTube partner program has a very big community of over 20k people from all over the world and it appears to increase suddenly after launching it in India.

YouTube Partners generally earns tonnes of money with this concept with hundreds of people earning as high as $100000 per year and more than thousand earning $1000 per month.

Its an huge opportunity for tech enthusiasts to make money if they can’t make handsomely with Adsense which is another big source for huge earning by Google.

So before applying be sure you meet these qualifications to be a Youtube Partner –

Create original videos suitable for online streaming.
You own or have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload–no exceptions.
You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users, or you publish popular or commercially successful videos in other ways.

To apply for this program goto

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