Welcome Back to redesigned Now Take That

After almost two years, when I launched this blog where I wanted to write about some Tech related stuffs and more, I am back again giving this website a new redesign.

Two years back – I had purchased Thesis Developer Pack and thought to establish a great looking awesome blog. But my consistent inconsistent effort, I left this blog hanging on www.(It was there but untouched since then). So after two years after spending bucks on this domain for renewal and hosting as well, I thought lets do something now. Why spending money and keeping it standstill.

So here I am, and well Thesis theme has upgraded to 2.1.2, I thought to give some action to this theme and my blog.
I have redesigned this blog a bit with the help of few available tutorials and trial & error method(which is the best method I have found these days, if you are not that – what we call it – yes- “Developer”).

Frankly I am not gonna write everything now and then on this web page. But definitely two years of wandering, launch and failure of several start-ups – have gave me few lessons, which I will share here with you.( Though I don’t know who you are).

Frankly(sorry for using this word again- I know I am a bad writer, but I hope I can convey the message I want to) I will not write something valuable like those Amit Agarwal(Labnol) and Michael Arrington( Tech Crunch). But I will only relate something I know which may be of worth if its for you( here I am uncertain again- see what I want to say- I don’t know).

At present, I will keep this blog ad free. Of course because I don’t want to loose the readers and irritate them who are not here yet.

Lets give you certain idea about my articles here – First of all, I have been presently lot on YouTube, Thesis 2.1.2 and few more areas. So little bit of that will definitely come in my few next posts.

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