Google India Mapathon 2013 results announced today

Finally after the long wait Google India has declared the results of Google Maps India Mapathon contest for 2013.

India Mapathon 2013 contests started on February 2013 and ended on March 25th where millions of updates were made to Google Maps for India by Indian People.

Mapathon 2013
Mapathon 2013

In this Mapathon contest, there were over 75,000 participants who made more than 2 million contributions to Google Maps.

Awards that were declared to be given were so lucrative that it drove many people attention to do the job they know better than any other.

The delay of Mapathon results 2013 were delayed due to the intervention Survey Of India (SOI) who expressed concerns over the data added during the contest. Survey Of India wanted to review the data added by the people so that sensitive data couldn’t be published openly.

Earlier on Jul 24 2013, Google India expressed their reasons for the results announcement delay due to the facts mentioned above.

Some of the top scorer who made the maximum edits are assumed to crossed the mark of 30K and further. THough exact scores has not been displayed yet.

Prizes that were to be given in the contest were

10 Samsung Galaxy Note 800 Android Tablets
40 Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 Android Phones
50 Flipkart gift coupons worth Rs. 5000 each
1000 Google Mapathon 2013 t-shirts and certificates

For the participants who have won T shirts has been asked to fill out the form with T shirt size, name and address. To fill the form go to Last date to fillout this form is 10:00 pm IST on 10th November, 2013. Those who do not fill out the form will be sent Large t-shirt, and the certificate to the name and address they provided upon registration.

So finally the award is coming. Enjoy your award after the hardwork. Though mapathon is over, still if you wan to make volunteer contribution to Google maps. Visit

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