How marketing is done on YouTube – To promote Trialware products/softwares

Being the third most visited website in the world, YouTube has got too much potential for making some big money, learning, entertainment and many other thing. But today, I am going to tell you how marketing is done in YouTube and spread your product wings to almost every corner of the world.

As many of you know that, YouTube makes most of their revenue from Adwords and distributes most of the money to the publishers using YouTube Partners/Adsense.

But without investing some serious money on AdWords CPC, I will share you few great tips on selling your products by gathering huge market that YouTube provides.

One of the most used method that is widespread as of now is sending messages to the channel owner for the product promotion. Now this is not done randomly, but these are targetted to only those niche channels which resemble the products whose marketing is going to be done.

Here are the few steps that is being done after the seller/Product owner has already made his product and ready to market it.

1) Search the channel whose content is similar to the product.
2) Look at the total views and subscribers to filter the best among those.
3) Send the channel owner a message about the product on their inbox.
4) Persuade them to write the review of the product on their channel.
5) In return give them something that may be used as giveaway. For example – If its a software, Give them the License code/serial number.

I will give some the example on this. Since last few months, when I reached almost two Lakhs views on one of my YouTube channel, several messages has been received by me about these product promotions. Have a snapshot
review request

First they will ask or invite you for their product review by offering their product’s/software license code to me. If You agree, they will send you the 5 or 10 license code depending upon your total number of subscribers.

When you agree and publish the review, thanks to your subscriber base, these review will definitely get thousands of views and with giveaway offer, even you can ask your subscriber for further market your channel to become the winner of license code. Now this acts fruitful for both side, the product seller gets the huge userbase as well as channel owner gets huge popularity of their channel.

Now let me show, how some of such products has gathered huge views from YouTube thus good conversion rate as well.


Similarly there are several other ways to market your products on YouTube without paying a dime to Google, and many ways to earn good number of subscribers for your channel as well and thus getting more views and hard cash.

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