Shopping tips in India – How I saved more in online shopping festivals

Since the beginning of this month, plethora of deals, offers and discounts were given by many online eCOmmerce websites. And online Festivals like GOSF( Great Online shopping Festival) organized by Google, App festival by Flipkart were the perfect platform that provided the best opportunities to save more bucks than normal.

So, despite knowing the value or usability of the product,many of us go to purchase certain things which we will never use. So it represents that we are quite inclined to such deals and persuasive offers,,, and why not…who will give such discount when actually the product is needed… why to take risk…purchase it before its needed.

So the point is- How to save more, even more than what is being offered. Answer is all around us, but we never took care to have a glimpse of them. So here is one of such technique, which I used in this GOSF 2014. bewakoof

1) Begin with the scene – I planned to Purchase 2 Plain T Shirt, one of them was with slogan – Beta Tumse naa ho payega( obviously because that sounded very cool to me. ) from

2) Offer was given very momentarily. In GOSF a Rs 299 corner was running. So it came under that category.
Original Price – Rs 449
Discounted Price – Rs 299
Saving – 33.4%( Quite an offer as I was looking after the same product since few days)

3) Time was less, and Cash on Delivery to my place was not available. So I had to pay with my credit Card.

4) Went to Payment Options – Had an option to pay with Paytm Wallet ( And if paid 10% money will be credited to my Paytm wallet instantly). It was going more lucrative and pursuasive.

5) And well I must say, I am a huge fan of Paytm, Mobikwik and Freecharge for my online recharge deals. I always looked for coupons and promo code to recharge my phones regularly.

6) And since Paytm was GOSF partner, they had few deal ( though not as lucrative as normally they are). It was 5% cashback to wallet, if amount added to wallet is more that Rs 750.

7) So, I went to Paytm, added Rs 750, and with this Rs 750 amount in my Paytm Wallet, I purchased both both T Shirts.

8) So how much I saved exactly.
Paytm Wallet deal – 5% of Rs 750 – Rs38
Pay via Wallet – 10% of total money which was( Rs 299 x2 = Rs 598 ) – 59.8 ~ 59
Total Saved extra – Rs97(Rs38+Rs59) + what was inside offer earlier.
Cost incurred to me exactly = Rs 598 – Rs 97 = Rs501
Total Saving – 44.2%( earlier it was just 33.4%) – Quite a deal now.( only thing I missed was 5% discount on its android app, as stock in such situation runs out very frequently. )

So as you see here, there are definitely a few methods out there which can save us few extra money. In next article I will share with you few more tricks which can fetch you extra money in some famous websites like amazon and flipkart.

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