Top 10 NFT platforms for buying and selling digital assets

Non Fungible Token – A Craze that gathered momentum in 2021 is just a beginning. Day by day, New NFT marketplaces are emerging giving opportunities to many to participate and earn. Although early adopters are mainly winner in disruptive technologies, but its still not very late. So, in this article, I will be listing most crowded 10 NFT marketplaces where lot of opportunities emerges every moment.


OpenSea is the most crowded NFT marketplace currently. As they claim, this is the first and largest digital marketplace for Non Fungible Token and Crypto Collectibles. One can discover and own whole lot of unique digital items that is not available anywhere else. Just few days back, OpenSea has clocked $5B monthly sales.

2) Axie Infinity Marketplace

This marketplace clocks close to $5.3 Million daily and more than 120$ Million on monthly basis. Basically this is an online store Axie Infinity game where players can buy Axies ( a creature based on game), Lands, bundles and other items. Although it looks very small marketplace but its very m uch crowded than you can imagine. After Open Sea it is second largest NFT marketplace.

3) Rarible

Another famous NFT marketplace that gives digital artists a platform to sell their products like Open Sea. This platform charges 2.5% service fee or commission both from buyer as well as seller. They have their own token (RARI). This platform also give opportunity to earn royalty of upto 5 to 10% from each sales

4) Rarity Tools

Rarity Tools is another NFT selling website where many datas has been mainly sourced from NFT platforms. This is mainly rarity finding NFT marketplace which tells how much rare is your NFT. They claim that Rarity of any NFT is the main thing in determining the value of an individual NFT.


Top 10 NFT platform

Not everyone can make fortune on OpenSea. So, there are many other options that gives good platforms as well as views for their NFT. One such place is In one year they have clocked sale of almost 50k Ether. They are building a new creative economy which they claim is a world creators and collectors collaborates.

6) Binance NFT

This the world’s largest crypto exchange where huge cryptocurrency transactions goes on daily basis. This in turns brings huge view on their NFT platorm as well. Many company launched their ICO, IGO, IHO directly on Binance website. Many NFT are sold out within fractions of seconds when they arrive.

7) Solanart

Top 10 NFT platform

As the name suggests, this NFT marketplace is based on solana . All other major NFT platforms are based mainly on Ethereum. This is a unique platform and it takes a total of 3% commission on selling of NFT. Solana

8) NIFTY Gateway

This NFT platform mainly collabs with top brands or artists to create limited edition NFTs. It let you buy a NFT directly with a credit card. This marketplace is currently owned by Winklevoss brothers.

9) SandBOX NFT

Top 10 NFT platform

This is an open metaverse game, where people can buy their collectibles and use it inside this open game. They have also their platform for selling unique NFTs which can be displayed inside the game. Snoop Dog NFT collection is listed here.


This marketplace is basically an auction focused NFT platform. One can find the rarest of the NFTs listed here for sale. This platform features exhibitions, projects and limited edition special release up for grab as collectibles.

Apart from these marketplaces, there are tons of NFT platforms occurring on daily basis. This rank is mainly based on traffic these websites get. Many other honorable mention in this list will be Cryptokitties, Known Origin, makers place, Larva Labs, Veve, Bakery Swap, Decentraland NFT, NBA Top shot, Wazir X NFT and many more.

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