Best Black Friday AI Digital products deals of 2023

Best Black Friday AI deals of 2023

Black Friday AI deals

Black Friday has been one of the finest opportunity to grab deals in the full year. Be it a physical products, and tools , Digital products as SaaS or any other softwares. So we have curated a list of the best AI or Digital Products deal that is going on currently and valid while writing this article.

  1. Topaz Labs Best Photo and video enhancement software currently available in market is Topaz Labs. And they are running huge Black Friday deals this year. Under the Photo AI and Video AI heads, there are several AI products that can enhance the image and video quality in different ways. You can sharpen, denoise and can increase the resolution of your images with its products.  Products under Video AI head offers incredible features  like video upscaling, stabilization, deinterlacing, and frame interpolation optimized for local production workflows.

Under the black Friday deals one can get 755 USD worth of Ultimate Bundle softwares at mere 299USD. This includes offering of their full products.

2. CyberLink Power Director – One of the best video editing softwares  that I have came across. Power Director has several  digital products like Power Director 365, Director suite 365 and Power DVD. Director suite 365 is basically Full software bundle.

These 365 products are basically yearly license products and not the standalone perpetual license.

CyberLink is offering 30% discounts in Power Director 365 and Director suite 365 and can be bought in India at Rs4269 per year and 7399 per year respectively. Power DVD can be bought currently at 40 % discount . You can also buy an addon which is premium stock at extra cost.  There is o discount on perpetual license and premium stock addon though.

Valid till 26th November 2023.

3. InVideo – When you speak about automatic video generation, the first name that should come in your mind is Invideo.  Invideo has mainly two products under their portfolios. One is recent anf most famous Invideo AI and another is Invideo Studio.

Invideo studio which is a subscription based product is currently providing a lifetime deal for this software. While the business plan which costs 15 USD per month (annual plan)is available at 399 USD for lifetime and the Unlimited plan which is available at 30 USD per month(annual plan)  is available at 1099 USD for lifetime license. The annual plan is currently at 50 % discount than monthly plan.

Invideo AI is the hot cake currently. So there isles discount in this. You can get 20 percent off for the annual license of this product.

4. Murf AI –  A famous name in Text to speech generation is running a flat 25% deal  on all yearly plans. Apart from Text to speech conversion, other products under their head are AI dubbing, AI translation, Voice cloning, Canva Addons and others.  Coupon Code – BLACK25

5. Kreado AI – With multiple offering under their portfolio, this website is the best place for generating AI videos with several digital human Avatars. Other products under their head are talking photo, AI text dubbing, AI copywriting and AI clone service.

In Black Friday, they are offering  upto 50% off on their several products. There is no discount on Digital clone service though.  This offer seems a steal deal for video makers.

6. Wondershare Virbo – Wondershare Virbo has almost similar products to Kreado AI. They are also offering black Friday deals.  They are offering 24% off in their yearly plans which comes to 199 USD per year . According to them they are offering 79% discount on their products. It is a good alternative to DID in creating digital talking avatar.

Offers valid till 26th November 2023

7. Studio DID– One of the most famous name in image to speaking face animation in Internet in DID. They are currently offering 45 % Discount in PRO and Advanced Plan for their creative realty studio product. Other than this they are also offering Flat 25 % off on all their products. Coupon Code – BLACK25

8. Copy AI –  Content creation is getting easier with Generative AI products. One of the famous name among them Copy AI. Copy AI has several Plan like Pro, Team, Growth and Scale. For Pro Plan, they are offering humongous discount to the tune of 60 %. Yes you heard that correct. 60 percent discount of annual subscription of 432 USD comes to staggering low of 172.8 USD.

Promo Code – 60BFPROMO

9. Pictory AI – A powerful text to video maker, just enter your prompt and Pictory will do the rest of the job. It comes with three plans – starter, professional and teams. In current Black Friday offering, they are giving flat 40% discount and 10 videos per month for life in an amazing giveaway.

Coupon Code – BFCM40W

10. Visla Chat GPT Plugin – One of the earliest ChatGPT plugin that did the job of making videos with ChatGPT. They are offering 25 % discount on Black Friday.

Offer Ends – 27th November

Apart from the above mentioned list, there are ton of other Digital AI products that I ay have not covered. If you see any such products missing out, comment in the box below.

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